Digital Living Basics Pack

One of the challenges of educators, administration workers and other people who are in contact with the elder is that, on the one hand, they are not aware of the real needs and problems that the elder are facing in their daily routines and activities in relation to the use of digital tools (health care systems, online banking, social networks…), and that, on the other, they try to address these problems alone and without making use of already existing and successful initiatives that would make their work much easier and less time consuming.

Check it out to learn new strategies and methodologies to improve the digital skills and digital literacy of your leaners. It is a useful compilation of existing training recommendations and solutions which will show how to address the real needs of older adults in the field of Digital and ICT competences.

Media Literacy

How to detect misinformation?

This article gives information on how to evaluate the vericity of news.

Biziday - Verified news

Biziday is an online newspaper that collect news and posts only verified news.

Factual - Online News

The first fact-checking site on public policies and statements in Romania.

Everything about cookies

This site explains what cookies are for, tells about legal basis and cookies policy, and shows what will happen when we turn off cookies

Propaganda in TVP, or how to twist everything round in the Soviet style

This video compares the same information shown on two different TV stations and explains the "whataboutism" strategy

The credibility of the information posted on the Internet

This article discusses the possibilities of verifying the content of a given site and the credibility of the information contained on it

Reliable Internet sources: how to identify fake news

This article gives advices on deciding which fonts are trustful and to be able to avoid fake news

Online press in Spain

This database includes links to all the digital newspapers in Spain, online newspapers and press newspapers in online form

Digital Press in Spain

This video includes not only a ranking of those digital newspapers that have been created lately but also mentions apps that collect news from different fonts and where to acquire them

A guide to conscious use of social networks

This paper provides information on how to use the social network

The digital lending platform with the largest collection of content for all Italian libraries

The digital lending platform with the largest collection of content for all Italian libraries

How to evaluate data, information and digital content

This presentations gives information on how to evaluate online resources and how to recognize reliable sources

Risks related to social media security

This article provides information with regards to risks to social media security e.g. Social media safety tips do's and don'ts

Reliable Internet sources

This article provides information how to recognize reliable sources

Surf online with critical thinking

This article provides information about surfing online with critical thinking