Digital Living Basics Pack

One of the challenges of educators, administration workers and other people who are in contact with the elder is that, on the one hand, they are not aware of the real needs and problems that the elder are facing in their daily routines and activities in relation to the use of digital tools (health care systems, online banking, social networks…), and that, on the other, they try to address these problems alone and without making use of already existing and successful initiatives that would make their work much easier and less time consuming.

Check it out to learn new strategies and methodologies to improve the digital skills and digital literacy of your leaners. It is a useful compilation of existing training recommendations and solutions which will show how to address the real needs of older adults in the field of Digital and ICT competences.

Digital Content Creation

Create and save a text file

This paper provides information on how to create and safe a text document

How to use Cloud services

This paper provides information on how to use cloud services

Copyright and licences

This presentation explains what is copyrights and licenses

How to create Word documents for beginners

This video explains how to create and to edit a word document.

Excel for beginners: tutorial on how to overcome the fear of tables

This video explains how to create and to edit an excel document.

Copyright: definition and description

This wikipedia article explains what is copyright and how is it regulated in Romania.

Content creation

This website gives you an overview on digital content creation.

Content creation: Types, tools and 20 tips

This webpage gives you information on tipes and tools of content creation as well as some tips.

Content creation: learn all the secrets

This website gives you a full pack of information regarding content creation

Multimedia courses

This site contains video courses for seniors (few hundred videos) regarding some basics as well as more advanced issues e.g. Paint, graphics, Windows, MS Office, emails, banking, Facebook, data storage and many more

Create a workbook in Excel

This article from official Microsoft Office Support explains how to create a workbook in Excel

Photo collage maker

This portal simplifies making photo collages, editing images and upgrading one's photos and collages with special effects

Create impressive documents

These instructions from google drive explain how to use google docs online and offline

Copyright: registering and storing

This is the official webpage of copyright where it answers some questions that the customers may have, and if there are complementary questions, there is a chat that any question can be asked directly

Creating a document

These instructions from Microsoft explain how to create a word file

Microsoft Word 2010

This article provides the manual for the Microsoft Word 2010

Questions and answers on issues related to the digital copyright law

This article provides frequently asked questions regarding the digital copyright laws

Photo editing

This article provides a step-by-step guide how edit photos using the 'Google Photos'