Digital Living Basics Pack

One of the challenges of educators, administration workers and other people who are in contact with the elder is that, on the one hand, they are not aware of the real needs and problems that the elder are facing in their daily routines and activities in relation to the use of digital tools (health care systems, online banking, social networks…), and that, on the other, they try to address these problems alone and without making use of already existing and successful initiatives that would make their work much easier and less time consuming.

Check it out to learn new strategies and methodologies to improve the digital skills and digital literacy of your leaners. It is a useful compilation of existing training recommendations and solutions which will show how to address the real needs of older adults in the field of Digital and ICT competences.

Communication and Collaboration

Good use of social media

This article includes some practical advices on how to use social media

Social media, steps to start using them

Article from the magazine Webconsultas on how old people use social media and also gives subsections which talk about benefits of using them, and how do they use them.

Do we use social media adequately?

This video shows a practical case where the main character starts receiving spam because she did not have the security activated in her soial media.

How Facebook works

This articles provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook

INPS services for retired people

This presentation provides information on how to acces to public service utilities for retired people

The basic rules of good behavior on the Internet: the netiquette

This page provides information on the Netiquette

Netiquette - Online Etiquette

This article provides information on the Netiquette.

How to use efficiently social media channels?

This article explains how to use the social media channels in an efficient way.

Facebook guide for beginners.

Facebook guide for beginners.

Communication and Collaboration

This is a slide share with content regarding communication and colaboration used in ICT classes

Information and communication technologies

This article is a framework of Communication and Collaboration followed by portuguese ICT teachers

Digital Communication and collaboration tools

This website explains different tools for communication and collaboration as well as their importance

Portal "Social Activist 2.0" (PL "Społecznik 2.0")

This portal gathers social activists, information about initiatives, events and many more as well as it shows examples of social actions and supports them

"European Citizens' Initiative"

The "European Citizens' Initiative" is a unique way for European citiznes to help shape the EU by calling on the European Commission to propose new laws

Is Facebook also for you? You can try - we show how!

This article tells how to start the adventure with Facebook for people 60+

Create a Gmail account

This article explains how to create an email account (Gmail)

Create a Skype account

This video explains how to create a Skype account

Digital newspapper

This database provides digital newspappers/magazines/e-books to everyone