Digital Living Basics Pack

One of the challenges of educators, administration workers and other people who are in contact with the elder is that, on the one hand, they are not aware of the real needs and problems that the elder are facing in their daily routines and activities in relation to the use of digital tools (health care systems, online banking, social networks…), and that, on the other, they try to address these problems alone and without making use of already existing and successful initiatives that would make their work much easier and less time consuming.

Check it out to learn new strategies and methodologies to improve the digital skills and digital literacy of your leaners. It is a useful compilation of existing training recommendations and solutions which will show how to address the real needs of older adults in the field of Digital and ICT competences.

Information and Data Literacy

How to look for reliable information online

This blog provides some sources to look for reliable information as well as some clues to know if a source is fake or not

Practical Guide for online data search

This source gives some advices on how to look for information as well as some browsers that can be useful for the search of information

Online Data Search - Julio's case

This video gives a practical case on how not to search for information on the internet and gives rise to think about how the person should have searched

Digital literacy and information literacy

This article is a minute of the International congress of ICT and education where they discuss Digital Literacy and Data Literacy

Concept of Digital Literacy

This is a slide share in which they explain the notion and concept of Information and data literacy. This was a work done by the University of Lisbon.

Digital Literacy

This document is the content of a course on Digital Literacy hosted by Univercidade Aberta

How to search for information effectively on the internet?

This site presents complex issues related to computers and the Internet for older Internet users

Project "Open Data - access, standard, education" (PL "Otwarte Dane - dostęp, standard, edukacja")

This portal aggregates checked, cataloged and constantly updated data from over 120 public and trustworthy institutions

16 tips on how to quickly and effectively search for information on Google

This article shows easy and useful tips regarding browsing, searching and filtering data and content

Tips on how to recognize fake news

This infographic provides some tips on how to spot fake news

How to search for information on the Internet

This blog gives a practical case on how not to search for information on the internet

How to recognize fake news

This articles provides information on how to recognise fake news

How to recognize fake news

This project seeks to improve digital skills by providing learners with tools to identify fake news and fight the spread of disinformation online.

Life in digital world

Digital Citizens Romania is a network of expertise that brings together policy experts, digital innovators, researchers and digital enthusiasts with the aim of improving the digital and ICT skills in Romania.

Connecting seniors to digital world

The project We connect seniors to the digital world or in short Seniors @ DigiWorld, supports seniors in becoming independent users of tablets and thus benefit from their daily use.

Online information search

This article includes information how to search online

Online information search

This article provides tips how to search online e.g. use keywords

Step-by-step guide how to use Google Drive

This webpage provides info about the Google Drive